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If you want to become the part of Delhi escorts service, you are most welcome. Why not earn some quick money along with some pleasure? Break out of the social curtains that measure the character by the size of the skirt. You can work for full time as well as part time. Here, we have Delhi celebrity escorts who are working for earning some extra cash. The Delhi Escorts Service have some very reputed names that we see daily in newspapers, fashion magazines, ramps and TV. There are female as well as male who charge a large sum of money for Delhi celebrity escorts service.

Services Offered

Most probably the clients will approach the escort girls for satisfying their sexual needs. The other escort services that the escort girls provide are the companionship for the party, just for the entertainment and so on. Some escort agencies are providing a special escort service for the clients that is the massaging. The escort girls will massage the clients with oil that tends emerge the youthful features of a man. Today’s customers who are seeking for the escort services are too lucky that many escort agencies are flooding in today’s society. It is the time to enjoy your life. Hurry to get into the site and have some unforgettable moments with the dazzling girls.

Apart from being beauty of yore, she has all the qualities to be called as diva. A dashing and high-class escort in Delhi who doesn’t give a damn to this freaking world. She is enjoying her own world created by herself. Her world is full of elegance, love, care, comradeship and bit of passion. If you are just like those creepy meat monsters, Twintowers's  prefers to stay away.  Although she’s outgoing and 21st century girls, They doesn’t stand any crap upended her way. As said earlier, They Are  only available for international and VIP clients as she has set the standard of female independent escort in Delhi very high. Maybe you should consider yourself very fortunate to spend some quality moments with loved-by-all escort in Delhi.


Independent Delhi Escorts

The best option if you ask me about the escort to suggest, then I’ll suggest to hire the services of independent escort in Delhi.

The reason is obvious, first they are alone, not tied to any agency, so you don’t have to bother with the formalities of any agency. You can contact and get the services of such escorts very easily. Second, independent escorts work for their own, they provide more satisfaction because there is no agent between them. And third, independent escorts prove to be a better companion because they take care themselves in much better way because they are free of their own will. I am also an independent escort so I also offer the services of same standard I mentioned.

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Delhi the biggest and most populated city in this country. With industrialization and increase in economy of this country has led to increase in money flow into its capital city, which is Delhi.  With more money in pockets of people than ever, they have become more demanding. That too in every possible way. There are and always will be some womanizers that like to enjoy different woman each different time. With money in their hand, these kind of people, now are scanning the entire city for five star Delhi escorts.The only motto and sole priority of these Delhi escorts secretary services are your complete satisfaction. The only thing you need to tell is want all things you want or the things that you want these sexy young and sizzling escort girls to do.

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The capital of our country Delhi has been the center of growth and development. Along the growth scenario, the night life of the city has also expanded exponentially. Men are now seen flocking around in this city not only form this country but from all over the world. The only thing for which they come here are awesome parties and to enjoy the exciting night. As it is a well-known fact, the most important ingredient for enjoyment is the hot, young Delhi escorts. Spending quite a lot of time with these Delhi escorts will definitely give you a time which will never be forgotten. For ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment, most of the people are willing to spend a crap load of money. But rest assure, after you have been with your dream women you will know that all the money was well spent.

About Our Twin Towers

 An escort is more than just a friend with benefits

Are you looking for an escort in Delhi? Are you searching for a partner who can kill all your boredom? Do you need someone by your side with whom you can share your happiness with? What about hot & happening Delhi escort who is always ready for some action at the drop of the hat? Get the magical experience of sending some quality time with high class Delhi Escort. Well, escorting is not just for pleasurable purposes, it can be much more than that.

Why do you need an escort in Delhi?

  • Friendship

There are times when we do not have any friends. Although there may be some close ones, there are things which you cannot share with them. Although you can find many virtual friends on social media on Facebook or Twitter, it can never take place of the hug that is accomplished by a friend. Thus, friendship is one strong reason you look out for escorts.

  • Partner

Now this may be more of an associate or second wife/girlfriend. When you go to discotheques, you feel the need of a partner. In fact, many discos have the “partner theme” & you are allowed when you have partner by your side. Also, at many events you can take a partner along with you to meet your friends.

  • Physical relationship

This is one of the strong reasons that escorting is very famous for. Yes, our body has its own sexual appetite that needs to be satisfied from time to time. It is a human requirement just like our hunger, urination & respiration. Once you are not able to figure out a bed partner by yourself, you can pay for it.

  • Colleague

Many high profile business parties gets an added charm when there’s lovely lady by your side. Also, it is a human psychology that a man with a beautiful woman by his side seems to successful & admirable. This works wonder with potential clients. Also, the deals are closed on very high values. This is the reason many big tycoons always carry along with them hot gorgeous women as part of their status symbol.

Enlighten your busy life in Delhi with the most over the moon with escort services

Often a client demands for a few days of travel plans with our Delhi Model escorts. This calls for special offers and prices where the escort willingly gives one or two free services to the client. This is the agency’s as well as the escort’s way of thanking the client for making the most privileged use of Escort Service in Delhi. The client is supposed to look after the stay, food and special clothing for the escort during such an arrangement. On the other hand for the amateur client, we give them a special service to make them comfortable and ease down. The escorts help them with the guidelines. Their services and limitations so that the client gets enlightened about this sassy industry

Elite Service

The city of Delhi with its never sleeping population has in current day has reached a whole new level of development and growth. With its over-whelming rich and political people, this city is expanding at an enormous rate. With ton of multi-million dollars of deal sealed every hour of every day, the people of this city are getting rich and rich getting even richer. Draining money like never before, the people of this great city or the people coming in search of fun and life remembering entertainment, have become more demanding.

Earn Big

Delhi has become one of the star attraction for the people all around the world. Above all the fashion and glamour industry in Delhi is now one of the main focus for the people visiting the city. The night life the city has become well renowned all over the world with people coming from everywhere just to enjoy it. People come in this city for jobs or business and after a stress filled day the only thing that remains to be done is that to enjoy the night life of the city of Delhi with Delhi escort girl.

Highly Secured

Any man ordering a Delhi model escort should promise for safety of the girl. Many of the bad clients have injured our models in name of sexual fantasies like putting pointed objects in genital openings, torturing by slaps and violent sexual intercourse. WE are strictly against sexual violence. The model if doesn’t wish to be tied up during sex, no amount of pressure can be applied to her to oblige your demands. We respect experimental sex, but not at the cost of physical pain. The feelings of the Model should be respected. If she is being treated with care and compassion, she will go to any lengths to satisfy your sexual starvation.

Best Choice

For those who are considering communicating with them, that is the language barrier, as a problem than stop worrying. Our huge portfolio our hot and sexy girls are well chosen and trained. All you have to do is place the demands, the quality, the experiences that you are looking forward to. And we will help out in each and every step of yours. And if you get confused in selection, we will also have it sorted out and deliver the best suited item for you.


The girls provided by us are according to what the customer desires the most. These energetic girls will be of great satisfaction and enjoyment and you will definitely feel like heaven on earth. Well, finally it is all reduced to one thing, what suits you the best? What type of mood smoothening partner you want. Fooling around with them, hugging or kissing them is the way in which we men express our self. Our escort services will provide a whole new level of entertainment for you to enjoy. The escort services that we provide to our customer are in a discreet and private manner so that the customer is fully comfortable with us.


Welcome to Twin Tower Delhi Escorts : The soft spot for all escorts in Delhi.

Delhi is a commercial city which has large number of high profile people visiting the city on regular basis. These official engagements can be very boring and stressful. So, to relax for a few hours try to spend some time with the well behaved and attractive Escorts in Delhi.So the guests to the Delhi city can have a pleasurable way to recall their stay with our exclusive A-level services in Delhi. Just make sure to be a gentleman to our escorts and they can be the gentlewoman outside to turn into the horniest woman in the passionate hours.



You Need To Fulfil The Following Criterion:

We know quite few of the names but we won’t name them here. The privacy is the biggest concern for us as they are some of the bigwigs of entertainment world. If you too want to join Delhi Escorts Service.

• You need to be 18 years of age.

• You must have well groomed body. Beauty is not in the face, it’s how well you present yourself that matters.

• You should not be over-weight or under-weight for normal adults. If you are, correct these figures with training and hitting the gym.

• You should keep everything private. Since the clients you’ll face will be high-profile and very influential people.

• Do not blackmail the clients in fear of revealing their identity. The truth is, high-profile powerful clients are very well equipped to deal with such situations and the blackmailer will be in grave danger after that.

• Do not be shy for any client’s demands and provide them everything they want.

• If you choose to be like independent Delhi celebrity escorts, there comes a pact of revenue-sharing with us.

• Delhi Escorts Service for males requires them to have chiseled body and preferably a Greek God look. At times, male escorts (gigolos) should work for all the genders across all age groups.

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